Older people continue to live at home for longer and remain more mobile. Especially within the owner-occupied home. But not everyone gets up the stairs more well. And if you want to continue living at home, then a stair lift can be a good solution. When placing such a stair lift, a rail system is placed on the inside or outside of your staircase. That way you know for sure that you will come to the first floor safely. Anyway, such a stair lift is a major investment and there is a very large offer. So what should you pay attention to when purchasing? We will help you on your way with the most important considerations.

Save costs on your stairlift

The most important stumbling block with a stairlift are the costs. A little stairlift quickly costs 5,000 to 6,000 euros. A substantial amount. And when your staircase has one or more bends, those costs can even go up to 14,000 euros. Fortunately, you can apply for a subsidy at the WMO or see if you are eligible for compensation through the Long-Term Care Act. When this is granted, you will receive a part of the investment back. However, this is no longer standard nowadays. We look carefully at what you can do yourself and whether you can move.

In addition to a new stairlift, you can also opt for a second-hand stairlift. You also save a considerable amount with this. You can find a used stairlift for a straight stair for around 1,700 euros. Moving to a cheaper, single-storey house can also be a good choice. Finally, the wall is damaged when the stairlift is placed and you have to count on costs for repainting and providing the wall with stucco.

Do you really need it?

This seems logical, but many elderly people purchase a stair lift while they don’t really need it yet. The reality is that you often sell your house at a house less quickly and its value drops when a stairlift is present. The nursing home or the retirement home is often not an attractive prospect. This too is often a reason for the elderly to buy a stairlift ‘in advance’. But this is certainly not recommended. Think really carefully whether you really need the stairlift. If the answer is no, then certainly postpone the purchase.

Customization or standard

Overall, you can opt for a standard or customized stairlift. The costs are of course lower with a standard stairlift. But if you are mainly concerned with sustainability, comfort and efficiency, then you better opt for a customized stairlift. You can easily place this in a house for sale. In a rental house you need permission from the landlord.

When purchasing …

Before you purchase the stairlift, it is useful to first have a good look around stairlifts online and, if possible, to try out some stairlifts. Also look at reviews of the company where you want to buy the stairs. Check the stairlift carefully for easy use and sufficient safety. That is of course very important with a tool that you use every day. Preferably do not pay everything in advance, but keep a part behind after the placement. This way you can check whether it works well and is also placed correctly. The stairlift is usually mounted on the stairs and this is also the best option. Sometimes, however, placement against the wall is necessary.