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Please note that all products that I recommend are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates and other toxins. These are the ingredients I use on my own hair. You may need to find additional ingredients on your own if you want to get the same results. Please note that some of these products are sold online, and the prices vary depending on where you live and how many products you use. When I was a medical student I had a friend who told me to use hair-straightening products for straight hair. I never heard of this before and now I am trying this product on my own hair. The product is also available in Europe and Australia. This product has two separate containers. The first is used for just the straight hair and the second one for curly hair. What makes this product special is that it contains both an acid and a neutral to neutralizing agent. The acid helps control the curl/straightening and the neutralizing agent controls any hair breakage. This product works very well for curly hair as it has a light, smooth, soft and moisturizing feeling. I would like to say that this product would also work for straight hair but I haven't used it so can't confirm. This is an easy product to use and does not leave an oily residue.

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